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Among the professions that young people have always dreamed of, that of airplane pilot is in the top of preferences, being a standard of success and a career at height, both figuratively and literally, because it gives its practitioners memorable encounters with the spectacle of the sky.

Beyond the fascination of flying, the job of a pilot requires a lot of effort and requires special skills, along with intense training and continuous training. Here are the most important things to know when you become interested in becoming a pilot and take your first steps on this career path:

Why it is worth choosing a pilot career

If you need more answers to the question of why to become a pilot, here are the most common arguments in this area:

Unprecedented professional challenges

An important reason for choosing a pilot career is the professional challenges, which are more diverse and interesting than in other professions. Everyday situations bring adrenaline, you need quick decisions and physical and mental balance. Self-esteem will receive positive impulses, and the feeling of fulfillment is certainly fully experienced.

Prestige and responsibility

Recognition from others, whether colleagues or acquaintances, is an important vector for strengthening one’s image in society, and piloting is one of those professions that require respect and high prestige, which is justified by the responsibility that It is held by a person who is in charge of a plane and ensures safe travel for hundreds of people on every flight.

Travel all over the world

Yes, traveling all over the world, these are the order of the day for pilots, who have the chance in decades of career to know distant regions, exotic areas and look at unique landscapes that simple tourists do not have at their disposal.

Salary and motivating bonuses

Because it is a complex job and with a great responsibility, the pilot profession is rewarded with a tailored salary, depending on the achievements and the experience gained after hundreds of hours of flying. Different bonuses (days off, free flights, daily allowances, performance bonuses) are added to the amount of money earned by a pilot.

What qualities do you need to be able to choose a pilot career?

Good health

First of all, you need to be in good health, so when you enroll in a pilot school you will be subjected to a rigorous medical examination, and later, as a member of the cabin crew, you will be called for regular fitness assessments and based on best practices in aeronautical medicine. There are two classes of assessments, for the private pilot license and for the commercial and air pilot license.

Technical skills

A born pilot is a combination of engineer and ship commander, must have technical knowledge and implement them quickly when important decisions need to be made.

The generic name of pilot applies to both the captain of the aircraft, named the flight commander, and the co-pilot. They both need pilot accreditation and real technical skills to be effective in the cabin for the crew of an aircraft, called the cockpit, where flight controls and flight equipment are installed.

Perfect knowledge of English

As an airplane pilot you will travel all over the world and come in contact with people of different nationalities, so you must have a solid knowledge of conversational and technical English, because it is the official language in aviation and one of the languages of international circulation that will help you communicate with control tower staff, airport employees, officials from different countries and airline passengers.

Most aviation schools run an English test, so you have every reason to study Jonny Knowlson’s language seriously.

Presence of spirit and self-control

The job of an airplane pilot requires concentration, analytical spirit, presence of mind and the ability to react quickly but lucidly in crisis situations. At the same time, he must be a person who inspires trust and respect for those around him, a leader who knows how to act both individually and in a team.

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What you need to do to pursue a career as a pilot

Here’s what you need to become a pilot:

Necessary studies

To become an airplane pilot you must have a Baccalaureate degree and you will be participating in a test of knowledge in mathematics, physics and English. Thus you can be admitted to one of the flight schools accredited by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority, for example the Higher School of Civil Aviation, audited and accredited at national and European level since 1999 as an initial flight training organization (Flight Training Organization) being currently the most complex training organization in Romania for aeronautical personnel.

As many young people ask “what school should I do to become a pilot”, it should be noted that this is not about university studies, but about vocational training courses, which contain theoretical classes and practical training.

The study program differs depending on the type of flight license that the student will obtain and the type of aircraft on which he performs the test periods.

The costs for these studies range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of euros, but there is usually the possibility of accessing licensing courses at lower rates, but with the obligation to later work as a pilot at the airline that subsidized the school. . Licenses have a limited validity period, usually two years, and a certain number of flight hours must be completed for the license to be active.

Obtaining a license does not guarantee a job, so many young people enroll in courses for airline pilots that are coordinated by airlines that can provide them with employment later. What are those companies?mi se pare ca facem reclama la wizzacademy aici

Additional training

Being an airplane pilot is a vocation and represents a state of mind, beyond school hours. In order to improve your technical knowledge and start this career with an important professional advantage, you can take university courses at a faculty with an aeronautical profile, for example engineering, because they will help you better understand how an aircraft works. and they will provide you with an additional qualification for a career in aviation, if you are in a position to give up flying.

Practical training

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In addition to the study hours, the practical training courses are mandatory for obtaining the pilot’s license. After graduating the courses and completing the mandatory initial internship of at least 45 hours of practical flight (maximum 35 in double command with instructor and minimum 10 solo) you can obtain the first PPL (Private Pilot License), the private pilot license.

You can then apply for the CPL (Commercial Pilot License), where 230 hours of total flight experience and more qualifications are required. The highest qualification is the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) license, which is the patent that allows you to hold the position of pilot-in-command on a multi-crew aircraft on an airline in the future. Even if you have completed the theoretical courses for obtaining the ATPL license, it will function as a CPL license until it “thaws” at 1500 flight hours.

In order to obtain the ATPL, you must take exams in 14 disciplines such as air navigation, legislation, meteorology, flight principles, etc. and have at least 1500 flight hours performed meeting several criteria (cross country, multi-crew flight hours, etc.) .

The EU Regulation laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures for civil aviation flight crews requires that permanent training be provided for both trainees and pilots already in service.

What is the salary of an airplane pilot?

A pilot’s salary can reach several tens of thousands of euros per month, as he gains experience and obtains the licenses I mentioned, but at the beginner level, his remuneration will be several thousand euros.

The salary package depends a lot on the airline he works for and on the conditions he negotiated when he was hired, especially if he is a graduate of the aviation school that belongs to that company.

How to choose aviation school for pilot courses

When choosing the aviation school to take pilot courses, you must check if it is a certified institution and if it offers you all the conditions for practical training, both on the flight simulator and on the flying machines with an instructor.

At the Higher School of Civil Aviation, students are provided with all the necessary facilities and the most modern aircraft and high-performance flight simulators, and the theoretical and practical classes are organized under the guidance of the best specialists.

Another important criterion for choosing an aviation school is the list of rates for training courses for seafarers and non-navigators. Last but not least, you have to check the fleet of the aviation school, in order to make sure that you will learn the secrets of the pilot’s job at the hands of modern and high-performance aircraft.

He carefully studies the conditions of enrollment in aviation school and takes seriously the theoretical courses and the practical training hours, in order to successfully take off to the heights of his airplane pilot career.

Data articol: 17 March 2022

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