Stewardess (flight attendant): everything you need to know

Aviation Academy ยป Stewardess (flight attendant): everything you need to know

One of the most desired professions is that of stewardess, or, to use the correct term from the nomenclature of occupations in Romania, it is about the profession of flight attendant, available for both women and men, a job that offers live connection with aviation and commercial passenger flights, either scheduled flights or charters.

What a stewardess job entails

For the job of flight attendant, the requirements are enough to fill an entire list, because the obligation of a flight attendant, whether we are talking about a flight attendant, is to take care of the passengers on board the planes and to ensure the protection of the area where the passengers are.

A flight attendant greets the passengers on board the plane, welcomes them and indicates where the seats on the tickets are, assists them in the correct storage of hand luggage, according to safety rules. After all the passengers are seated and their luggage is put in place, the stewardess or stewardess communicates the instructions about the rescue equipment provided on board the plane.

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For the job of flight attendant, the requirements are enough to fill an entire list, because the obligation of a flight attendant, whether we are talking about a flight attendant, is to take care of the passengers on board the planes and to ensure the protection of the area where the passengers are.

During the flight, it supervises the passengers and ensures that the safety regulations provided for the smooth running of the trip are observed. A flight attendant communicates with passengers and makes sure that they feel comfortable, especially when it comes to people with health or altitude sickness, when families with small children, children traveling alone or people with disabilities.

An important component of a flight attendant’s job is to ensure the safety of passengers. Other duties include serving food and beverages, maintaining, administering and selling snack bar products available during the flight, distributing newspapers, magazines, film viewing equipment (headphones, remote control).

In addition, he must ensure discipline and follow the orders of the crew chief in emergency or accident situations and cooperate with other crew members in resolving issues.

What qualities must a stewardess have

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When you are wondering how to become a stewardess, the first thing to consider is to find out what qualities a stewardess must have, to see if you fit into the general profile of candidates for this profession and how you can prepare for to be suitable for such a professional career.

Pleasant physical appearance

An important quality that a stewardess must have is a pleasant physical appearance, which offers passengers peace, relaxation, comfort. It’s not about the beauty of a film actress at Holywood, but about a pleasant presence, an athletic constitution, the right posture, arranged hair, the right manicure, discreet jewelry and makeup, neat teeth.

Physical appearance requirements are essential, and when you say I want to be a stewardess, you have to assume an orderly, sporty and at the same time chic, neat lifestyle, so that your appearance is pleasant and you emanate confidence. sine.  

Knowledge of English

You will have the opportunity to communicate with people of all ages, from various regions of the world, so any stewardess course has as its study discipline and exam the conversational and commercial English language.

If you speak other languages of international circulation, all the better, it is a plus that will be appreciated when the salary of a flight attendant is established and when the routes are distributed for each crew.

Good health

An important quality that a future flight attendant must have is a good state of health, because the life of a flight attendant is demanding, it requires resistance to stress, fatigue, effort, the actual work on board the plane that flies at thousands of meters altitude.

Interpersonal communication skills

Because she comes into contact with people from different cultures, with specific habits, interacts with people of all generations, who have different requirements and expectations, a stewardess must have a solid knowledge of psychology, PR, interpersonal communication, sociology, in order to do successfully cope with everyday situations and dialogue with the passengers in each flight.

There are advantages and disadvantages in the profession of stewardess that we present below, so that those people who want to attend stewardess school, know what this profession is like in all its aspects:

The advantages of being a stewardess

You travel all over the world

The main advantage when you decide to become a stewardess is that you have the opportunity to travel to many countries around the world and see exotic places that otherwise you would not have had the opportunity to visit, for financial reasons, lack of visas, limited time and more. restrictions you have in your daily life.

You have a motivating salary

You have as a flight attendant salary and motivating bonuses, which are important advantages when you decide to start this job. The more a stewardess earns, the more she has the chance to be financially independent from the first years of her career, which is difficult to achieve in other professions.

You receive extra-salary benefits

As a flight attendant you receive free or low-priced tickets to fly to the desired destinations, you receive a chic uniform and accessories, you benefit from discount vouchers and free at hairdressing and beauty salons, you have preferential regime in duty free shops in airports. In addition, you have health insurance and life insurance, paid for by the employer.

You benefit from a flexible schedule

The period during which a flight attendant works in a month is established according to the flight planning and the number of hours agreed in the employment contract. It is not about an 8-hour schedule and a 5-day attendance at work, so it can be said that a flight attendant has a flexible schedule that allows him to go on vacations, excursions and city breaks. much more than in other fields of activity.

Disadvantages of the stewardess job

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You are away from home for a long time

It’s nice to fly all over the world, but it’s less fun when you get home once or twice a month, and then in passing. Family life is affected, there will be holidays, birthdays and meetings with friends that you will miss, because you are out in the race.

Starting a family and raising children are more difficult when one parent is on board.

You work at a demanding pace

The differences in the time zone, the night flights, the cluttered work schedule, all these are part of a demanding job, especially since you don’t know exactly how old you can work as a stewardess, both in terms of appearance and health condition.

Unpleasant situations with passengers may occur

Working with people is difficult, especially when dealing with so many people from different backgrounds and cultures. You should expect less pleasant situations, insistent, recalcitrant, even dangerous passengers, and manage delicate situations tactfully and efficiently.

You must always be in good physical and mental shape

If in other trades you can gain weight, come to work ruffled or dressed in jeans and sports shoes, as a stewardess you must always be impeccable, both as an outfit and wardrobe, as well as as a physical and mental form.

Easy to say, harder to achieve, that’s why one of the disadvantages of this job is that you will always worry about your own appearance.

How much does a stewardess earn

Depending on studies, skills and experience, a stewardess can earn from a thousand euros to a few thousand euros a month, plus the bonuses and benefits I mentioned.

Large airlines with international flights and a fleet of hundreds of aircraft offer attractive salaries and career opportunities, which will ensure career advancement even after a flight attendant no longer actually practices this profession.

How to become a stewardess

To become a stewardess you must have a certificate of graduation from the 12 classes. In addition, you need a certificate that you are fit to work as a flight attendant.

If all these conditions are met, you must enroll in a school, for example the Higher School of Civil Aviation, where you will take theoretical and practical courses in various disciplines that will prepare you to become a stewardess.

Those who want to take airplane pilot courses can also study at this school, because all students have access to a modern fleet, where they can train to become professionals in the professions related to aviation and air transport of people.

Also at this school they train for emergency situations using their simulators, the crews of the airlines from Romania and the Republic of Moldova.


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Necessary courses

Applicants have courses at advantageous rates for flight attendants, flight attendants (aircraft pilot, helicopter) and non-flight crew (air traffic controller, technical staff, flight operations dispatcher, AVSEC auditor, cargo and airport activities, aviation security).

The training consists of theoretical courses (knowledge of aircraft, legislation, emergency procedures, geography, weather, English) and practical training (flight hours, communication and service techniques).

Students also have the option of learning online or videoconferencing in the theoretical disciplines where the regulations allow this way of teaching.

How to choose the best job offer as a stewardess

After graduating from a stewardess school, it is recommended that you analyze all the employment offers available in the market and choose the best option for you, depending on several criteria:

Opt for a flight attendant career only if you are prepared for such an activity, both physically and mentally. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the stewardess profession and continuously improve your level of intellectual training and social experience, in order to reach the desired level of excellence in professional activity.

Before choosing to collaborate with us for a flight attendant / flight attendant course, find out more about our history, the certifications obtained, the course schedule, but also about the other courses available, such as the first aid course. Among the reasons that will determine you to choose us is the fact that we provide:

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