What salary can you get as a flight attendant? Here’s what you need to know

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Maybe as a child you wanted to travel and see the world or maybe during the first flight you realized that you really like the atmosphere on the plane. Or maybe you’re just dressed in a stewardess uniform! Of course, there is another very important aspect that we cannot overlook, namely the salary of the flight attendant. In the following you will be able to discover the salary of a stewardess in Romania, but also abroad and thus you will be able to make an informed decision.

The advantages of the flight attendant profession

Besides the motivating salary and the opportunity to see the world, what else can make you want to become a flight attendant / flight attendant? Here is a list of the most common benefits:

The salary that a flight attendant can earn

What is the salary of a flight attendant? Well, that depends on the company. In the following we will tell you what salary a stewardess has depending on the airline where she is employed. Of course, some companies also offer various bonuses that you will discover below.

Emirates stewardess salary

The salary of an flight attendant / flight attendant at Emirates varies between $ 2,000 and $ 2,500 per month and consists of the basic salary, the money paid for the flight hours and the daily allowances for layovers between destinations. The daily allowance may vary depending on the country in which you fly, and accommodation at four- and five-star hotels will be provided by the company.

Other benefits include free accommodation in two or three room apartments and payment for utilities. Transportation is also free to the airport / academy and back, and the training period is six weeks. The contract is concluded for three years, during which time you will benefit from a uniform and free cleaning service, 30 days of leave per year, free plane ticket home, and medical and life insurance.

Ryanair flight attendant salary

At Ryanair the salary will be quite different depending on the working base and can reach 1200-1500 Euros per month. Also, in the first year you will benefit for a few months from a bonus of 1200 euros, divided into four months. After a year, depending on your performance, you will be able to qualify for another bonus of 1800 euros.

The company offers other benefits such as free training, daily allowance during training, 750 EUR employment bonus, flexible work schedule, two-year contract, with the possibility of extension and discount plane tickets.

Wizz Air flight attendant salary

At Wizz Air the salary is between 1000 and 1500 euros and is composed of basic salary, daily allowance and commission from sales made on board. The list of additional benefits includes career advancement opportunities, free training and reduced tickets for employees and their families.

British Airways flight attendant salary

Here the salary will be influenced by the base from which you will operate. In principle, the basic salary will be around 14,000 pounds per year, plus flight hours. Over time, the salary reaches £ 23,000 and £ 28,000 a year, with bonuses.

The list of benefits offered by the company includes an annual leave of 30 days, with the possibility of extension up to 34, free training, travel benefits on British Airways routes for employees and their partners, 30 tickets per year at reduced prices, the possibility to choose the flight sectors, travel discounts for two people, regardless of the degree of kinship, life insurance, free uniform, facilities at the company’s headquarters (dental office, beauty salons, fitness rooms) and pension contributions.

Norwegian flight attendant salary

The salary package will vary depending on the country and the local currency, but on average the salaries of this company are among the highest in the industry. The basic salary for beginners can reach up to 900 pounds per month or 1,050 pounds per month for those with experience. For each year spent in the company the salary increases by about 25 pounds. 55 flight hours are paid each month for £ 281. Those over 55 hours will be paid £ 7.10 / hour. The daily allowance is £ 45 / day, regardless of destination, and the phone bill is covered up to £ 30 / month.

Other benefits include free training, 28 days off per year plus £ 14 per day per day and reduced tickets.

Salary stewardess Tarom

The basic salary of a flight attendant at Tarom reaches about 300 euros, and the flight time is paid with 2.3 euros. Of course, day, night and risk bonuses are granted, the daily allowances for external races being 56 euros and 8 euros for internal races. Thus, a total salary reaches up to 800 euros per month plus bonuses, but it is also worth mentioning that the training is not provided by the company.

On the other hand, the salary of a flight attendant at Blue Air, the only Romanian company that hires exclusively Romanians, is 750 euros per month.

Virgin Atlantic flight attendant salary

At Virgin Atlantic, a flight attendant’s salary starts at £ 14,178 a year, plus pay per sector, a £ 25 per diem and a payday allowance. The company also offers other benefits, for example: bonuses based on sales made on board, free training, health and life insurance, pension contributions and free tickets only in the Virgin Atlantic network plus discounts in the Virgin Holidays system. True, the accommodation is not provided by the company in London, but only in the case of layovers.

Etihad Airways flight attendant salary

Here the salary consists of the basic salary plus flight hours and daily allowance for layover and can reach 2000 dollars per month. Other benefits include free accommodation, free transportation, monthly payment, free uniform, travel discounts, free accommodation in four star hotels in layovers, reduced plane tickets for friends. Other specific benefits include the End of Service Benefit, which means a sum of money received at the end of the activity (amount that varies depending on the period spent in the company) instead of a pension, a free annual plane ticket to visit the house and the right to plane tickets. reduced by 90%, discount applicable to the family.

Qatar Airways flight attendant salary

At Qatar Airways, a flight attendant can earn between 900 and 120,000 QARs, depending on the accumulated flight hours in a month. The monthly salary will consist of the basic salary, the accumulated flight hours and the daily allowance for the layover. We must also mention the fact that you will conclude a contract for a determined period of five years, with the possibility of extension. However, if you decide to leave earlier than two years, you will owe the company approximately 7800 QAR, ie around 8600 RON.

The benefits offered by the company include a 90% and 50% discount for both you and your family and friends, free uniform and accommodation, medical insurance, discounts at restaurants, bars and duty free and a free plane ticket in every year.

Saudia flight attendant salary

Here the salary can reach $ 2000 per month depending on the accumulated flight hours. The benefits are a bit more special, including 5 consecutive days off each month, 5 free plane tickets per year (only paying airport taxes required), free accommodation in compounds, insured transport to and from the airport, medical insurance and various discounts.

Gulf Air flight attendant salary

On average, a novice flight attendant will earn approximately 2000 euros, the salary being the basic salary, a daily allowance of 16 euros / day and 3 euros / flight hour, the amount that can vary depending on the flight hours accumulated on during that month.

In addition, the company offers insured transportation from accommodation to the airport, free training, medical insurance in case of accident, one-year employment contract and the possibility of renewal, free annual ticket to the country from which you were recruited, vacation three weeks a year and discounted tickets for Gulf Air flights and partner companies, both for employees and for family members / 1st degree relatives.

If you are interested in the salaries of other companies, for example you want to know what salary a Lufthansa stewardess has, you can find this information on the respective sites!

How to become a flight attendant

In order to become a flight attendant, you must meet a number of conditions:

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