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Board escort training course

Board escort training course

In addition to training courses for pilots or helicopter pilots, the Higher School of Civil Aviation also offers flight attendant training courses (stewardess courses).

Find out below what the flight attendant course / flight attendant course entails, what enrollment criteria exist, the necessary documents and the prices for these courses.

Stewardess course specifications – what does the program contain?

The job of stewardess, or flight attendant, is a very pleasant and full of rewards, but also challenges. First of all, we refer to the distance from home, friends and family, but also to the various situations in which you have to be available to the flight crew or passengers. In addition to the availability of effort, you must always remain calm, even under pressure, and always find solutions to various problems that arise during the flight.


Among the most important qualities of a flight attendant are: determination, team spirit, proactivity, friendly attitude. In order to be active in this field you will need to complete the initial flight attendant course and take an exam before starting work with an airline operator. This attestation represents the official qualification obtained after graduating the initial flight attendant / stewardess course.


Our course is approved by EASA and covers both theoretical and practical aspects, integrated in modules that prepare future flight attendants for responsibilities and duties within flights in normal, abnormal or even emergency situations.

Registration requirements

In order to be able to attend the courses of any stewardess school, you must meet the following enrollment conditions:

  • minimum age 18 years
  • high school graduate with / without a baccalaureate degree;
  • medical report
  • fluent in English
  • the ability to swim

Stewardess course registration folder

In addition to the requirements for a flight attendant course, your file must include the following documents:

  • copy of ID card
  • copy of birth certificate
  • copy of high school graduation certificate
  • copy of medical certificate class II
  • 4 bulletin type pictures

Price for stewardess classes

The price for stewardess courses is 1605 euros.

What will you learn at stewardess school?

What will you learn at stewardess school?

Stewardess courses in Bucharest, from the Higher School of Civil Aviation involve participation in the following modules:

  • General notions about aviation, aeronautical legislation and regulations, duties and responsibilities of flight attendants
  • Communications
  • Introduction to notions of crew management
  • Relationship with passengers and cabin surveillance
  • First aid and aeromedical aspects
  • Air transport of dangerous goods
  • General aspects related to aviation security and regulations
  • Survival in case of fire / smoke
  • Survival in water and other areas
  • Meteorological
  • Proper attire and grooming

Why choose the Higher School of Civil Aviation?

Before choosing to collaborate with us for a flight attendant / flight attendant course, find out more about our history, the certifications obtained, the course schedule, but also about the other courses available, such as the first aid course. Among the reasons that will determine you to choose us is the fact that we provide:


  • 15 planes,
  • 4 helicopters and 5 simulators
  • Fire fighting simulator
  • Cabin simulators to practice emergency evacuation
  • 12 classrooms
  • multimedia classroom and laboratory
  • E.A.S.A Authorized Center; Aircraft maintenance services
  • Hangar and training / accommodation center;
  • Strejnic aerodrome concrete runway
  • Over 4,000 happy graduates in recent years.

Become an authorized flight attendant / flight attendant with the Higher School of Civil Aviation!

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