Aviation Academy ยป First aid course for flight attendants
First aid course for flight attendants

First aid course for flight attendants

The Higher School of Civil Aviation organizes initial and recurrent first aid courses for license holders 1 and 2 for pilots and flight attendants in accordance with the requirements of PIAC-MED Ed. 4 – 2018, regarding the training of aeronautical personnel on aeromedical and first aid issues on board the aircraft.

What will you learn during this first aid course on board an aircraft?

The first aid courses are intended for people who have taken or want to take flight attendant and airplane pilot courses and want to prepare for any event related to the health of passengers and flight crew. During the first aid course you will learn:

  • Ways to respond in case of unforeseen events and ways to calm the mass of travelers;
  • Training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of automatic external defibrillator (AED);
  • Ways to care for different types of wounds, especially open ones;
  • Correct intervention procedures in case of breathing difficulties or drowning;
  • Ways to intervene in case of poisoning with substances that can alter life;
  • Ways to respond to sudden medical emergencies.

All intervention procedures following the first aid course can be applied in everyday life, anytime, anywhere and on any person who needs such help.

What are the enrollment criteria for the course

What are the enrollment criteria for the course

In order to enroll in the first aid course for flight attendants, it is not necessary to have medical training in advance, but it is necessary to take the courses of stewardess in parallel or to obtain the diploma of flight attendant.

For the requirements for enrollment in courses for flight attendants or for pilots of airplanes and helicopters, access the related information.

Other skills that may be considered for enrollment in the aeronautical first aid course:


  • Active learning and listening skills;
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • Ability to stay calm in any situation;
  • Ability to tolerate images with a strong emotional shock (in case of severe bleeding, etc.)

Why choose the Higher School of Civil Aviation?

The Higher School of Civil Aviation has an important history in order to train and evaluate the right candidates for the positions and responsibilities in civil aviation. Candidates have the opportunity to be trained by a specialized crew recognized and authorized in each area of the aeronautical field.


Choose to take flight attendant or airplane and helicopter pilot courses to complete with a series of theoretical and practical sessions for first aid!


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