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Stewardess (flight attendant): everything you need to know

One of the most desired professions is that of stewardess, or, to use the correct term from the nomenclature of occupations in Romania, it is about the profession of flight attendant, available for both women and men, a job that offers live connection with aviation and commercial passenger flights, either scheduled flights or charters. What […]


Do you want a pilot career? What salary can you have and what qualities are needed

Among the professions that young people have always dreamed of, that of airplane pilot is in the top of preferences, being a standard of success and a career at height, both figuratively and literally, because it gives its practitioners memorable encounters with the spectacle of the sky. Beyond the fascination of flying, the job of […]


What salary can you get as a flight attendant? Here’s what you need to know

Maybe as a child you wanted to travel and see the world or maybe during the first flight you realized that you really like the atmosphere on the plane. Or maybe you’re just dressed in a stewardess uniform! Of course, there is another very important aspect that we cannot overlook, namely the salary of the […]


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